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Acupuncture for Cats

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Acupuncture is an ancient form of medical treatment that has been used for thousands of years in China. More recently, acupuncture’s popularity has spread across the globe. In fact, people are not only using acupuncture to treat their own ailments, they are also choosing this treatment for their pets as well. If you have a cat that is experiencing issues including everything from gastrointestinal disorders to musculoskeletal issues, you may very well want to consider this approach.

It has long been believed that acupuncture works to stimulate the body’s immune system. In this way, it can work wonders for treating a variety of conditions in both humans as well as in animals. The basic concept behind acupuncture is that there is a flow of energy through the body called “chi.” Blocks in the proper flow of this energy can result in various ailments. Through the acupuncture process, these blocks are released. As a result, the body’s natural healing process can take place.

In the past, Western medicine has been skeptical regarding the effectiveness of acupuncture. However, that attitude has changed dramatically in recent years. In fact, recently medical studies by respected traditional medical institutions have concluded that acupuncture does indeed work, as they have studied how this form of treatment can provide beneficial results. Even prestigious research and medical facilities, such as John Hopkins, have also echoed these findings.

Keep in mind that for thousands of years, people have consulted with acupuncturists to treat their pain. In short, the fact that people have relied on acupuncture for so long also attests to its effectiveness. When the history of acupuncture is combined with recent medical and scientific evidence, it really does mean that it should be considered a viable option.

Additionally, some studies indicate the acupuncture can effectively block the pain signals between a problematic area and the brain. The blocking of pain, in turn, allows encourages the injury to heal. The scientific evidence that acupuncture does at least this much is mounting. These findings help to make the decision to opt for acupuncture for your cat an easier one.

There is a word of caution, however, in that while acupuncture can be very effective, the “court” is still out as to what exactly it can and cannot treat. There are limitations to what acupuncture can potentially accomplish. For example, if a cat is in a late stage of a degenerative disease, acupuncture cannot necessarily stop this degeneration. However, acupuncture can still be used to provide relief of the symptoms. Also acupuncture is not considered to be effective when it comes to some diseases like cancer.

What we do seem to know for certain is that acupuncture can be highly effective at treating pain. Thus, if you have a cat that has a chronic pain issues or conditions that are likely to be painful, then you may find that acupuncture is the ideal form of treatment. Of course, will want to consult with your veterinarian about finding a veterinary acupuncturist.

You best source of information regarding acupuncture and your cat is, of course, your veterinarian. If you can consult with a holistic veterinarian, that would be even more ideal. This underscores the importance of finding a veterinarian that you trust well before any serious problems arise. Ask your vet about his or her experience with acupuncture firsthand. This is, of course, a prudent first step. He or she will likely have a good deal of information to pass on to you about what conditions acupuncture is most effective in treating.

If you are concerned about any potential pain that your cat may feel while receiving acupuncture, you may want to consider trying acupuncture first yourself. When done by an experienced acupuncturist, the procedure is relatively painless and often yields immediate results. While the ideas of needles may at first sound intimidating, the needles used in acupuncture are so tiny and thin that they really don’t bother most people (or cats) too much.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a way to treat your cat’s pain, then acupuncture is most certainly worth a look. After all, if your cat is experiencing chronic pain, it will greatly interfere with his or her enjoyment of life. Realize that there are many veterinary acupuncturists around the country and the world. They are quite experienced and skilled at performing acupuncture on animals. Animal caregivers frequently report that their animals do appear to recover and feel better once they have received acupuncture treatment.

For generations, Western medicine has scoffed at acupuncture and its potential. However, as it turns out, new studies are showing that acupuncture is indeed a viable way to treat pain. In the coming years, additional studies may prove that acupuncture offers a range of different ways to help people and animals with a range of medical concerns and issues.

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